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AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING. Олімпіада з англійської (8 клас)

 Listening Comprehension

Зразок тексту для аудіювання:


Night after night I would steal away by myself and go to the border of the village to watch the sun set in the foothills, to gaze at the far line of sky and prairie, to long and long for my father’s lodge. And Lau­rence — always Laurence — my fair-haired, laughing, child playmate, would come calling and calling for me: “Esther, where are you? We miss you; come in, Esther, come in with me”. And if I did not turn at once to him and follow, he would come and place his strong hands on my shoulders and laugh into my eyes and say, “Truant, truant, Esther; can’t we make you happy?”

My old child playmate had vanished years ago. He was a tall, slen­der young man now, handsome as a young chief, but with laughing blue eyes, and always those yellow curls around his temples. He was my consolation in my half-exile, my comrade, my brother, until one night it was, “Esther, Esther, can’t I make you happy?”

I did not answer him, only looked out across the plains and thought of the tepees. He came close, close. He locked his arms about me, and with my face pressed up to his throat he stood silent. I felt the blood from my heart sweep to my very fingertips. I loved him. Oh God, how I loved him! In a wild, blind instant it all came, just because he held me so and was whispering nervously, “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, Es­ther; my Esther, my child love, my playmate, my girl comrade, my little Cree sweetheart, will you go away to your people, or stay, stay for me, for my arms, as I have you now?”

No more, no more the tepees; no more the wild stretch of prairie, the intoxicating fragrance of the smoke-tanned deerskin; no more the bed of buffalo hide, the soft, silent moccasin; no more the dark faces of my people, the sweet rhythm of the Cree tongue — only this man, this fair, proud, tender man who held me in his arms, in his heart. My soul prayed to his great white God, in that moment, that He let me have only this. It was twilight when we re-entered the mission gate. We were both excited, feverish. Father Paul was reading evening prayers in the large room beyond the hallway; his soft, saint-like voice stole beyond the doors, like a benediction upon us. I went noiselessly up­stairs to my own room and sat there undisturbed for hours…

Pauline Johnson

Завдання для аудіювання:

Directions: in this part of the section you will listen to a text. After listening look at the questions 1-10, decide, which of them are true (T) and which are false (F) according to the text you have heard and mark the letter you have chosen by encircling it. Remember that you are not allowed to take any notes while the text is being read out to you.

  1. The story takes place in the plains.
  2. This is a story about two American people.
  3. The girl did not care much about the nature.
  4. The girl and the boy first met long ago.
  5. The boy was a Native American.
  6. The boy disappeared from the village long ago.
  7. Esther and Laurence used to love each other in the childhood.
  8. The girl seems deeply impressed with what happened.
  9. The boy’s appearance was not typical for a Native American.
  10. The girl lived in a tepee.

Directions: in this part of the section you will listen to the text for the second time. After listening look at the questions 11-20, decide, which of the given answers (A, B, C or D) best corresponds to what was stated or implied in the text you have heard and mark your answer in the booklet by encircling the letter of your choice. Remember that you are not allowed to take any notes while the text is being read out to you.

11. Esther must have preferred…

a) solitude;

b) large companies;

c) being with buffalo;

d) making moccasins.

12. The white and the Indians must have…

a) lived far from each other;

b) been enemies;

c) kept friendly relations;

d) made arms and locks.

13. Esther and Laurence…

a) lived in the woodland;

b) lived in the hills;

c) lived in the mountains;

d) lived in the lowland.

14. The nature around seemed…

a) dismal;

b) inspiring;

c) scary;

d) intoxicating.

15. Laurence’s look made Ether think of…

a) a white American;

b) a dark face;

c) a folk leader;

d) a wild animal.

16. One of the things that Laurence did to Esther was…

a) confronting her;

b) supporting her;

c) distorting her;

d) deserting her.

17. The event Esther is telling about most probably took place…

a) at dawn;

b) around noon;

c) when it was getting dark;

d) in the deep of the night.

18. The girl’s native language most probably was…

a) Greek;

b) rather harsh;

c) the same as Laurence’s;

d) quite melodic.

19. The love between Esther and Laurence must have been…

a) a quite common thing;

b) something absolutely unacceptable;

c) impossible by nature;

d) something rather unusual.

20. The feeling of love to Laurence came to Esther…

a) quite unexpectedly;

b) when she heard her native language;

c) when she smelt deerskins;

d) after some time of careful preparation.


1 – T, 2 – T, 3 – F, 4 – T, 5 – F, 6 – F, 7 – F, 8 – T, 9 – T, 10 – F,

11 – a, 12 – c, 13 – d, 14 – b, 15 – c, 16 – b, 17 – c, 18 – d, 19 – d, 20 – a.

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