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Вправи до теми «Спорт та ігри»

Exercise 1

People from all countries in the word love to play these games and go in for these kinds of sport.Match the following words to the pictures:

Вправи до теми Спорт та ігри1

Exercise 2

Make up the words given in jumbled form (anagrams):

Kcohye – hockey

Ntisen – ntennis

Faboltor – football

Agkistn – skating

eyballvoll – volleyball

Exercise 3

Guess the missing words and fill them in:

  • The most popular outdoor winter sports are ______.
  • The sports that takes the first place in public interest is ______.
  • The sports people can go in for all the year round are ______.
  • The great international indoor game which is the most popular in the world is ______.

Exercise 4

How well do you know all of these words of sports? Do one more task on card, too. You should put the following words into the correct column. You may work in pairs.

Вправи до теми Спорт та ігри2

Answer orally.

Exercise 5

Do you know the rules of the games? Read the descriptions of sports and answer the question: “What kind of sport is it?”:

Вправи до теми Спорт та ігри5


1 – football.

2 – volleyball.

3 – hockey.

4 – tennis.

Exercise 6

Arrange the lines of the dialogue in the right order.

Вправи до теми Спорт та ігри4

Answer: 7, 5, 10, 2, 6, 8, 3, 9, 4, 1.

 Exercise 7

Which sports are different from the other three in each group? There may be more than one possible answers, so discuss all of them with your partners.

  • Tennis,basketball, baseball, football.
  • Wrestling, boxing, volleyball, judo.
  • Table tennis, boxing, tennis, volleyball.
  • Table tennis, tennis, cycling, swimming.
  • Golf, baseball, football, tennis.
  • Rowing, wind-surfing, sailing, swimming.

Exercise 8

Put each of these sports into one of the three groups given in the table:

Вправи до теми Спорт та ігри3

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