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The First of September. Some Useful Tips for the Lesson

1. Greeting Warm-up.

a) Is the 1st of September a usual or a special day in your life? Why?

b) Do you know it is a holiday in our country – the Day of Knowledge?

c) Do you think knowledge is important in modern life? Why?

d) Could you describe the Ceremony of the First Bell? What was the atmosphere like? What are your impressions?

e) Did you have any lessons on the 1st of September? Are you ready and willing to work hard during your last school year?

2. Aim.

Teacher: This year you are to have two lessons of English a week. By the end of the year we will have discussed various topics, read lots of texts, mastered some grammar.

I hope you will do your best to finish school with good results. Your progress will depend on how persistent you are, how hard you will work during this very important school year.

Your textbook in English will help you in your studies. The structure of it is similar to the one you had last year. The contents are different though, except, maybe, the first lesson devoted to your summer holidays.

3. Review.

Game “Memory Picture”

Учитель тримає перед собою аркуш паперу і, поглядаючи на нього, описує те, що є нібито перед його очима. Учні думають, що це фотокартка.

Teacher: I hope you have had enjoyable holidays this summer. As for me, I’ve spent a part of my holidays in the Crimea. Here is a picture in front of me taken in Umansky Botanical Gardens. There are two of us: my husband and I, standing under a palm. The day is fine. My husband is smiling at the camera and I’m looking at something on my left. I don’t remember what attracted my attention. We are wearing light clothes. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. It was happy care-free day.

Потім вчитель показує чистий аркуш паперу і говорить, що фотокартка була в його уяві.

Teacher: I hope you have learned how to take a memory picture. Imagine you are on holiday now. Close your eyes say “cheese” and describe the picture you have just taken.

4. Listening Comprehension.

Teacher: Listen to a children’s poem and tell what it is about.

Just me

Grown-ups always want to know,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’m never sure what to say, my answer changes every day.

Maybe I’ll be a detective on a TV show.

I might be a disk jockey on the radio.

I’ll be a pilot and fly through the sky.

I’ll be a dancer and leap way up high.

I’m never sure what to say, my answers change every day.

I’ll be an author and write a great book.

I’ll be chef – the world’s greatest cook.

I’ll be a sailor and sail on the sea.

I think for now that I’ll just be me.

Elva Robinson

Teacher: What is this poem about?


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