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ABC Kingdom (For the ABC Party)

We can read, we can write,

We can speak English too.

We love learning English.

And what about you?

 “A” is for apple.

It is in the tree.

Will you jump a little

And pick it for me?

Letter a

“B” is for ball.

The ball is red and blue.

Let’s take it up,

I want to play with you!


“C” is for cat.

The cat lives in the house.

It doesn’t like to eat sweet cakes,

But it can catch a mouse.

Letter c

“D” is for dog.

The dog is very smart.

It likes to run,

It likes to jump

With children in the yard.

Letter d

“E” is for egg.

It’s yellow and white.

And it is for eagle

That flights so high.


“F” is for fish.

It swims in the sea.

It has a worm for dinner

And it doesn’t like tea.


“G” is for girl.

She has a nice hat.

Does she have a nice coat?

We don’t know that.


“H” is for honey.

It is so sweet.

“Let’s take a little”,

Says a little Pete.


“I” is for ice.

The ice is bright and cold.

And it is for ice-cream

Loved by young and old.

Letter i

“J” is for jam.

The jam is on the plate.

“May I take a spoonful, Mum?”

Asks little Kate.

Letter j

“K” is for kitten.

It is gay and funny.

It likes to drink milk,

But it doesn’t like honey.


“L” is for lorry.

It comes into the yard.

“I’m a lorry driver”

Says Tom’s dad.


“M” is for monkey.

It can climb a tree.

It takes two bananas

From you and from me.

Letter m

“N” is for name.

What is your name?

“My name is Nelly”,

Says little Nell.


“O” is for orange.

It is sweet and juicy.

“Give me an orange, please.”

Says little Lucy.

Letter o

“P” is for pig.

And also for puppy.

Look at this puppy.

Isn’t it happy?


“Q” is for quilt.

It is on the bed.

What colour is the quilt?

It is red.


“R” is for rose.

That grows sweet and red.

“I like to take care of my roses”,

Says little Ted.


“S” is for school.

Where we go every day.

We learn to read and write

And after school we play.


“T” is for Tom.

Tom takes a tram,

He takes a tram

And goes to Sam.


“U” is for under

but not for on.

Nick is under,

And who is on?

Letter u

“V” is in five

And also in seven,

It is in twelve

And in eleven.


“W” is for window,

For wardrobe and walls.


“X” is in six, six, six,

Two and four is six.


“Y” is for yard,

For puppies to play,

They like to play

On a summer day.


“Z” is for zebra.

To ride it is hard.

Letter z

ABC – let us go to the sea!

DEF – children know letter F!

GHI – birds in the sky!

JKL – a nice bluebell!

MNO – a big black crow!

PQR – a big green car!

STU – children look at you!

VW – everything is new!

XYZ – we know the alphabet!

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