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  • It is not a bad idea to bring some gift if you are invited to visit someone’s home. You can never go wrong with a cake, flowers (odd number of flowers only!) or a botlle of wine, but a gift that will re­mind them about your home country would be greatly appreciated by your hosts. If there are kids in the house, bring some small gifts for them (chocolate, fruits or souvenirs).
  • When eating dinner at someone’s home, casual dress is recom­mended.
  • Most of Ukrainians live in a small apartment or house. To keep them clean they don’t wear shoes inside. It is traditional to leave your shoes at the door when you enter a home. Most likely your hosts will provide you some slippers. If they don’t, it’s normal to enter the room without shoes.
  • It is considered bad luck to shake hands across the threshold of a door. Take your gloves off your, when shaking hands! Sure, it is superstitions, but you are in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainians love to demonstrate their natural and generous hospi­tality. It’s a big thing for them to feed everyone who comes to their home. Be ready at least to try all food and drink offered you when visiting somebody’s home. In most cases food prepared at home is delicious.
  • According to Ukrainian traditions of hospitality, most likely you will be asked to give a toast at dinner. Be prepared to say some­thing nice about the home and its hosts.
  • It is not that great idea to demonstrate your feet putting them on the furniture. You might be able to do it in your own house, but not in somebody’s house or in a public place. Don’t force anyone to jump over your legs stretched in the aisle, please.
  • Offer to share your cigarettes with those around you if you smoke.
  • It is considered an extremely rude gesture if you demonstrate your thumb between your second and first fingers. They call it “dulia”. For centuries this gesture has been used as a sign of defiance against numerous Ukraine’s invaders. If you really feel you must make this gesture, be sure nobody can see it!
  • According to Ukraine traditions of hospitality it is quite acceptable to ask very personal questions about your life, earnings, and rela­tionships. Even if you are not used to such types of questions, try not getting angry and do not shy away. People are sincere and just do not know that in your country it might not be considered very polite.

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