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Learning of a foreign language is not an easy task. It is a long and slow process, that takes a lot of time and efforts. That is why it is very important to have a good teacher. I am very grateful to my English teacher who made me interested in this subject. She is the person I loved best at school because our English lessons were very interesting and instructive.

We began to study English in the second form. So she was the first who gave us the knowledge that English is an international language, it is the language of business, diplomacy and international relations, the language of progressive science and engineering. She convinced us that it is absolutely necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist to know English well today.

Our teacher was very competent and a good professional. She had a good command of the English language. From lesson to lesson we improved our knowledge, learnt more and more new words, grammatical structures and put them into practice of speaking.

We were lucky enough to have such a patient and tactful teacher. She never mocked at the pupils if they said or did something wrong. She patiently corrected our mistakes and explained us everything we could not understand.

Our teacher did her best to make our lessons interesting and entertaining. We often worked in video class, watched English video films and then had a discussion. We got acquainted with English or American writers reading their works in the original. We communicated with native speakers of English. The speech of native speakers served us a good example, which we tried to follow. We listened to pop songs and tried to understand the words.

Our teacher always looked perfect and we never saw her face angry or unfriendly. We felt that she loved us and this is very important in teacher’s work.

Teachers do not only teach their subjects. They develop their pupils’ intellect, their attitudes to life and to other people. With the help of my teacher, I learned a lot. Knowledge of foreign languages opens many doors before you, gives you many opportunities and advantages.

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