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My Attitude to Sports and Games

In my opinion sports is one of the things that helps to keep people fit and healthy. Physically inactive people get older earlier than those who have a lot of exercises.

Being in good health means having both body and mind in good working order, free from disease and pain.

I like the Latin proverb that says «A sound mind is in a sound body.» If you want to be physically and mentally healthy – go in for sports.

Sports is very popular in our family. Practically all the year round my father and I do our usual morning exercises on the stadium which is close to our house. Only if the weather is really nasty we do them at home. When my Dad was young he was a good basket ball player and played for his institute. He has never given up playing and now he has his training twice a week. Sometimes he takes me with him and I play with his team-mates.

My Mum and my elder brother are good swimmers and they go to the swimming-pool every Sunday in winter and use every chance to swim in the river when it is warm.

My favourite sport is tennis. I have been playing it since I was nine. I belong to a youth tennis club and often take part in different tennis tournaments. I don’t always win them but every time I lose a game I learn something from my mistakes. I believe that sports help to build character. Besides tennis I am good at other sports games and our school Physical Training teacher often asks me to play for our volleyball, football and basketball teams. I never refuse because I enjoy playing.

All our family likes to watch sports programmes on TV. We support «Dynamo» Kyiv football team and never miss important matches. We are also hockey fans and really get upset when our favourite team loses. But we never have pessimistic feelings because we believe that winning is not the main thing in sports.

Наталія Шапоренко


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