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Mariyka and Serhiyko

In this picture we see a small boy and a big girl. Their names are Mariyka and Serhiyko. Mariyka and Serhiyko are walking in the street. The street is long, wide and very beautiful. There are a lot of people in the street: men, woman and children. There are cars, buses and trolley-buses in the street but there are no trams or lorries in it. There are trees in the street, too, but there are no bushes or flowers in it. The leaves on the trees are green.

Mariyka and Serhiyko are schoolchildren. Mariyka is thirteen years old, and Serhiyko is eight years old. Mariyka is in the sixth form, and Serhiyko is in the second form.

We see bags in the children’s hands. Mariyka’s bag is brown, and Serhiyko’s bag is black. Mariyka is wearing a white blouse, a red skirt, brown stockings and black shoes. Serhiyko is wearing a white shirt, a blue coat, blue trousers, grey socks and brown shoes.

Serhiyko is looking at Mariyka and speaking to her. Mariyka is looking at Serhiyko and listening to him.

Mariyka and Serhiyko are cousins and very good friends. Mariyka can speak three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. She can read and write English. Serhiyko cannot speak English, but he can count in English. He can count from one to twenty and he can count by tens from ten to one hundred.

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