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A Sister and a Brother

Tanya and Pavlus are a sister and a brother. They are schoolchildren. Pavlus is in the fourth form, and Tanya is in the second form. Pavlus can speak English a little. He doesn’t like English. Tanya cannot speak English at all but she wants to learn it.

Pavlus and Tanya like each other. They are very good friends. They get up at a half past seven in the morning. They wash, dress and have their breakfast. At breakfast they do not eat much. They eat little. Each of them drinks up only one cup of tea. Their father Dmytro eats and drinks more at breakfast. One cup of tea is not enough for him so he asks his wife Daryna for another cup of tea.

Pavlus and Tanya go to school together. Their lessons start at nine o’clock in the morning. When children go out of their house, they go to the nearest tram stop. For some time they wait for their tram. Soon their tram rides up and stops in front of them. When the doors open, the children get on the tram and take their seats if there are some empty seats in the tram. When an old man or an old woman get on the tram, Pavlus and Tanya stand up and give their seats to them.

The children get off the tram in front of their school.

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