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My home – my castle

This proverb is a wise one to my mind and I consider everybody is agree with me and nobody won’t even think to deny my words.

There is no matter where you are, maybe somewhere abroad or at the seaside, and no matter your life is easy or difficult at this moment but you always feel very home-sick every time.

I am not against travelling, I like it too but maybe not so much as other I think, however travelling is very useful for everybody no matter whether we go on long trips or on short ones because we learn a lot of new things and in this way we deepen our knowledge in various spheres. When we return home from a trip, we are refreshed in body and spirit and we are ready to go back to study or work again.

However, I must confess there are many other reasons for us why we sometimes leave our homes and start travelling. Everybody knows that economic conditions in our country are not comfortable for nation now and we all are suffering from our political leaders. There are a lot of clever people with higher education, who are masters of their job and who have to leave the country because all of them aspire to a better life. Maybe that is no business of mine now but such real problem turns everybody.

Nevertheless, I am quietly sure that all such people will never forget their native country because their homes are their castles where they can have some rest in a cozy armchair with a cup of hot coffee. Any business can sometimes be bothering for you. You can be tired of crowds, voices and noise. Then you simply need some quiet, calmness and just a place to forget your problems, you just need your home. Only at home, you can allow yourself to feel easy.

Moreover, there is one more reason to love being at home: nobody can forget that place where he was born and where he spent his childhood. Home always must be in your heart.

To sum it up I should say that only at home the sun shines more brightly than everywhere.

Iryna Korol

The house of my dream


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