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Holidays in Ukraine

The Ukrainians are just fond of celebrating holidays. They strictly observe the traditions of Orthodox and state holidays and readily accept Western holidays like St. Valentine Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and so on.

Ukrainians love their numerous holidays and love to “celebrate” those holidays in grandeur fashion. It’s not uncommon for Westerners to be taken aback at just how many “days of note” they observe, and the amount of fireworks and revelry that goes along with them, not to mention the vast amount of spirits consumed.

Ukraine’s history that included Paganism and later Christianity can be attributed to the evolution of many of the current holidays and festivities.

A great number of holidays can be divided into several groups — public, religious and just holidays. Public holidays are marked with red in the calendar for you not to forget to have a good rest.

When a holiday falls on a non-work day, Saturday or Sunday, the nearest Friday or Monday is a day-off.

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