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Feast of St. Nicholas

December 19 – Feast of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas history in Ukraine goes back to the 10th centuries. He is the familiar winter saint, who brings the first snow by shaking his beard.

Feast of St. Nicholas

This is the holiday for young children, for they would receive gifts from St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children. “Angels” often accompany him.

Schools have plays telling Nicholas stories and he saint visits local churches. He makes people believe their most cherished dreams will come true one day, endows their hearts with kind feelings and inspires them to do well.

On this day parents and relatives try to surprise their kids by placing small gifts, toys, or books into symbolic shoes or stockings or even under their pillows.

St. Nicholas is the most well-known Saint from the Kyivan Rus era. People consider him first to help with any appeal and trouble. On December 19 he was beautified. Relics of St. Nicholas are kept in Bara city, Greece where people are believed to be cured by a single touch.

This day opens the chain of winter holidays. Every child who behaved during the year will receive a present from St. Nicholas on this day. Nowadays it has become traditional to present gifts to every child.

Feast of St. Nicholas2

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