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I am a teenager and as all the teenagers, I have different problems in my life.

My friends and I are so similar and so different. We want to go on our way and find it difficult to be responsible. We express our self-identity in clothes, hairstyle and slang. Some teenagers often smoke, drink alcohol and even sometimes take drugs. I don’t believe that is my route to independence. My friends often conflict with their parents and the teacher, considering that only equals in age can understand them. But I try not to do it. In fact my parents are not so strict as well as other modern parents so most of the teenagers and young people have a considerable amount of freedom. The youth feel themselves uncomfortable in modern society because of the economic, social and political problems of our country, that’s why they still need somebody to hear them out and open their heart to. Often parents are too busy with the hush of money and can’t give their children enough of attention and understanding. My friends easily come under the influence of other people or find idols among famous singers, sportsmen, actors and politicians. The young go to the disco clubs and are crazy about music.

But I think our life is not so gloomy as it seems at first sight.

We are so talented, creative and dream of a highly paid job. We are interested in studying English and all of us can operate a computer. It’s great we aren’t afraid to risk because of a very simple thing – we have nothing to lose in our age. We are romantic and skeptical. We3 are sincere and rude, honest and impolite.

But we are the future of our country.

Тетяна Табачук, 9 клас

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