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Strength of Character

Famous Scottish naturalist said: “Strength of character may be learned at work, but beauty of character is learned at home”.

I think these are brilliant words.

To my opinion you can learn somebody’s strength of character only outside of home. It can be work, studing at a high school or anything and anywhere else but never at home. That is just because only there any man behaves himself concisely, neatly and maybe sometimes even harsh if it is necessary for him.

We always want to prove something to other people, we prove every day that we are better in something or even in everything, we always want other people to respect us and to like.

And by the way any man wants to stand out of the crowd and do his best to achieve the goal at work. That’s another reason why strength of character may be learned at work.

Frankly speaking I also try to seem like I am better out of home. But it is really sometimes very difficult and I come back home tired of it. At home I can relax and feel comfortable without thinking about others’ opinion about me.

Every man or woman has their own features of character. You only can find out them and understand person’s beauty at their home. Only there a man can behave himself freely and be who he is indeed. A person shows real fillings at home, such as love, care, sincerity, kindness and also talks naturally and unofficially. He does not afraid of saying something wrong.

I thought long about it and I can say it now that we’ll always be different at home and at our work and it never could be changed.

Ірина Король

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