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Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around

“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around” H. D. Thoreau (US poet)

Every person can live like he or she wants, but not everybody does it. Some people think long about what to say to other one like they are afraid of them and that’s sometimes is sadly funny. To my opinion, if we live our beliefs without any hesitating we’ll be able to turn the world around.

This expression has impressed me deeply. I think that it is really true, because we all were created by God to make this world better and to my mind it is a general goal for everybody of us.

I suppose, that every person has his own beliefs and everybody usually nerves if something happen not like he or she wants.

I think if people try to behave themselves honestly, friendly and do something for a good cause then our world will be much better. Moreover, I consider that every person have to help each other, it can be something like homework, or housework, or another kind of work.

Our world is harsh and angry, most of people think only about money and it is pity and it’s not right at all. Although if everybody of us will start from himself and do everything to gain spiritual wealth, but not material one, only then world will be changed and will become much more better. I think all people want to live in good relationships in deep of their souls, but not everyone can make himself behave. Sometimes we get very hot and we can be cross with somebody, sometimes we take offence without visible reason, and such behavior isn’t right.

In conclusion l can say that we all make our life by ourselves and everything are in our hands.

Iryna Korol

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