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Character. Readiness to Help Someone

In our everyday life, we meet people who are always ready to help. And it is important to say that such people help not because they are asked to help. In this way, they give an example of how people can be attentive to each other. As an English proverb goes: “He teaches who gives, and he learns who receives”. Therefore, each person, either a grown-up or a pupil, ought to do good because he wants to do so, not because he is told to help.

There are pupils in each class who help their classmates to learn better. They do it on their own initiative not because they were “assigned” to give help to a weak pupil. When we help other people, we do a good thing for them. There is an American proverb, which says, “When you are good to others you are best to yourself”. An English proverb has the same meaning: “What we give, we have, what we keep we lose”.

There are different situations in which our help may be needed. For example, school classes are over. The pupils come out into the schoolyard. There they see a big boy come up to a first-former to take away his money. The little one is holding it in his hands and will not give it. The big boy begins to show that he is much stronger than the first-former. In this situation, you can go away either as if you didn’t see anything or you can try to help. It is obvious that you can have some troubles, but if you are really ready to help, you’ll protect the child, and in his eyes you’ll become a hero. In addition, who knows, maybe someday he will act the same. Your deed will help him to remember the general rule: you must always be ready to help someone and it does not matter if this one is young or old.

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