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People say that you can work miracles with your imagination and strong will. I guess it is true. Your imagination gives you ideas and your strong will puts them into practice. Thinking about a perfect day I would like to spend, I will visualize the idea of it. Hopefully, it will help the perfect day happen.

So, I will start with saying that on my perfect day I would not get up before 11 a. m. I like to sleep long hours but it does not happen often in my busy life. That is why no perfect day may go without long and sound sleep in the morning.

I expect my per­fect day to be sunny, quiet and warm. Not too hot but it must be a summer day for sure.

I would like my breakfast to be served to bed, and I would have it while watching some funny comedy on TV.

Then I would call my friends and we would go for a walk in our local park to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the view of magnificent tall trees and thick bushes framed with neat sidewalks and roads for cyclists.

We would go to the cafe in the central part of the park without any doubt. They sell marvellous ice cream of various colours, shapes and tastes. That ice cream is a joy but it is rather costly so you cannot eat it every day. But we speak about a perfect day, so it is OK. We would eat it and discuss the latest news and our plans for future.

Going to the cinema seems a logical continuation of the walk. We would go to the new picture house built a few months ago near the park. On that very day a famous American actor, say Brad Pitt, would happen to arrive to our city and exactly at that picture house to present his latest movie. We would take places in the first row and would be the first to get his autographs and maybe even a kiss on the cheek! Certainly, after that watching the film would be much more captivating than usual.

In the evening, we would have some pizza and go home to tell our relatives and friends about the famous movie star from America whom we saw in person and whose autograph we took. It is inter­esting but it seems that my perfect day is not something impossible to have!

With some free time and a certain spark of creativity, I can spend my perfect day next weekend!

Наталія Шапоренко

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