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Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn1

* * *

What are more magic than autumn leaves?

What are more bright and amazing?

Enjoyment in colours autumn gives,

All leaves decorates by painting.

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn2

* * *

Throw window I watch falling leaves,

Its looks as a red yellow rain,

A silence inside me it gives,

And make me be thoughtful again.

It whispers to me: “Don’t pass,

Injoy on the pond dance of swans,

The griefs will away as a dust,

And melt in this beauty you just”.

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn3

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn4

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn5

Gulistan Yilimova. Autumn6

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  • Ulrich Schele

    Beautiful Pictures

    I live in Southern France and there are not
    theese beautiful colours