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Youth subculture

Let’s discuss!

Youth Subculture

I’m not a modern teenager, and frankly speaking I’m not enough acquainted with all the latest directions of them. Everything around changes quickly day by day.

So I ask you to tell what do you know about this kind of people. Any information will be good to know.

Anyhow, it’ll be useful to know if you, modern youth, are happy.

Look at this picture. I found it last Thursday and since that time this strange girl made me think much of her.

youth subculture

I should say it’s very sad to look at the picture of such girl. She is unhappy, isn’t she? As far as I can realize, she is a teenager.

Do you see that this girl has a strange make-up? Her hair is tumbled. The nails are black. The clothes are also very strange. This girl looks like a… mm… I don’t know how to say it… I just feel emptiness in her heart.

Maybe I’m too old now but I’m just an adult and you are the youth.

Now tell please:

  1. What bad habits has a teenager got?
  2. What is the best time for teens?
  3. What is the difficult time for them?

Let’s speak about teens, their problems, about the youth subculture, ok?

2 коментарі

  • Oxana

    Subculture is the behavior, beliefs and customs of a particular group of people within a society.

  • Roksolana

    Often subculture is a group whose behavior is disapproved by most people and whose interests are different from those of the mainstream culture.