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Snails’ Family

Hello! I am Mr. Snail. Have you ever meet the members of my family anywhere?

Snails’ Family1

Everybody from my family is a mollusk and you should know it is a common name for us.

Yes, I am an animal with no backbones and my shell helps me to protect my body from any danger.

Snails’ Family2

Many animals like to eat us and they say we are very tasty! Uf!!!

Snakes, turtles, fish, insects as fireflies and beetles, and even people eat snails too!

Snails’ Family3

Do you know in some countries, especially French people like to eat snails? At first, they usually boil us in salt water and then add to the dish a garlic sauce. Such dish is called Escargot, it is a great delicacy there in France.


To defend myself, I usually pull back into my shell.

Snails’ Family4

Do you know my “foot” is a long muscle? It allows me to move slowly and slowly across green leaves or the ground. I like to rest.

I have no neck because my head is attached to my foot. My mouth looks like a little grater. People call it a radula. I use it for cutting food. There are tiny teeth there.

Snails’ Family5

Frankly speaking, I cannot breathe through my mouth, instead of it I have a breathing hole that is under my shell.

I have 15 mm stalks on the upper side of my head. On the end of them I have my eyes, though I can’t see enough well with them. Pity!

Snails’ Family6

All of us are land snails. But I have many relatives. Some of them are aquatic snails!

 They live in water. So you can meet them in the rivers, seas and oceans. They can’t swim in the water, they have no tails like fish have, but they can easily stick to rocks.

Snails’ Family7

By the way, not all of the people are cruel; sometimes we are good friends with them. Some people are fond of our shells so much that take us to live in their aquariums with different small fishes.

Children like to find us in grass for painting some little colourful flowers on our shells to make it more attractive. However, we are great without it! Our shells are so many different shapes, and sizes, and even colours!

Snails’ Family8

My relatives are everywhere, they are found all around the world!

We can live in cold caves and any dark places. The children always find us in dark places such as in your garden under the green plants.

Snails’ Family9

Some of my far relatives live even in cold places like the Arctic, and a few are very happy in warm places like beaches of the sea or hot deserts.

By the way I have remembered about my some more close relatives, they are the slugs, they also are snails but without shells.

We both slugs and snails are very friendly and live at the same places. There are a lot of us in your yard, much more than you can imagine. Fortunately, you do not always see us!

Snails’ Family10

Ok, let’s speak about something more pleasant. Do you know my cousin is the biggest snail! it is the giant African snail. It is 35 cm long


Moreover, the fastest snail is my uncle the Helis aspersa. It can reach speeds up to 0.03 mph.

They are so great because of eating vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, carrots, cucumber and apples.

Snails’ Family11

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