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Modern firebirds

A firebird is an ancient and a very powerful creature.

Modern firebirds6

You can find it in numerous mythologies of different countries. People liked to imagine its beauty for ages. There are a lot of Egyptians, Persians, Arabian, Greeks and Romans, Chinese and Indian tales about firebirds. Its existence is represented in various forms in literature and art.

Modern firebirds4

A firebird is always described like a mythical bird. It has a colorful plumage and gold tail with some scarlet feathers in it.

Modern firebirds5

Firebirds live a long life of more than 500 or even to 1000 years.

Firebird’s cry is as the most beautiful song in the world and one who is listening it forgets everything.

We can say because of these descriptions, the firebird is presented as a symbol of rebirth and immortality.

Modern firebirds are called peacocks for males and peahens for females. If you go to the zoo you can admire their beauty there.

Modern firebirds1

The peacock can have up to more than 100 brightly coloured feathers in its tail.

Modern firebirds3

Recently peacocks become more popular in gardens of rich people.

They like to eat insects, wheat and cracked corn, as well as many varieties of greens. They also like to eat small snakes and lizards.

Modern firebirds8

The female birds, peahens, are not so beautiful like peacocks. They are almost grey and brown with white chests and some light green on the neck.

Peahens usually lay from two to six eggs in the spring and sit on them for about a month to hatch them.

Peahens are good mothers, they leave the nest only once or twice a day to feed and drink.

Modern firebirds9

By the way, the peacocks begin to grow their “crowns” when they are only a few weeks old and it takes for them about a year to reach full size.

Modern firebirds7

There are white peacocks too.

Modern firebirds10


firebird – жар-птиця

creature – створіння

imagine – уявляти

existence– існування

represent – представляти

scarlet– яскраво-червоний

plumage – оперення

feather – пір’їна

peacock – павич

peahen – пава

Have you ever imagined a firebird?

Have you read any tales about firebirds?

Do you like peacocks?

Which one blue or white peacock do you like best?

Modern firebirds2

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